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www.ZeldaDungeon.net ~ Chapter 6: Snowhead Temple ~ Part 2 of 4: Fire Arrows & Upper Floors ~ The first mini-boss of the dungeon, Wizrobe, followed by getting the Fire Arrows and using them to continue on, completing most of the remaining floors. —— This walkthrough is a 100% run through the Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask for the Nintendo 64. Below is a list of links to help you through the game. This video walkthrough is embedded on our website on easy-to-navigate pages and also follows the text walkthrough which has screenshots, maps, and detailed descriptions. They are literally the same guide, just shown in a different way, so you can use them interchangeably, going back and forth depending on whichever is more helpful to you. Good luck, and have fun with your adventure in Termina! ===Walkthrough=== www.zeldadungeon.net ===Video Walkthrough=== www.zeldadungeon.net ===Majora’s Mask Index (listing of all the other guides)=== www.zeldadungeon.net

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WalkThrough 100 floors

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  1. James Elliott:

    10:44, fire arrows actually work but im playing collectors edition for the gamecube, which has had many irregularities compared to the gameplay on my cousins N64.

  2. metaknight56:

    glad I saw this video now I know which key I always miss when completing snowhead 

  3. shutupiehole12:

    me to but i cuss alot :/

  4. kingbooforums:

    How fast does he die with the deku mask?

  5. Pip Fleur:

    fucking wizrobe man

  6. Elijah Decker:

    Caleb whats Alaska like? iv always wanted to visit alaska.

  7. TamsynChaffins:

    This obviously isn’t being played on a nintendo 64 lol, what system are you using? lol xD sorry, i dont know alot about video games, i just play them alot :/

  8. TheZeldaDungeon:

    All of them are shown in this walkthrough. Otherwise, go here:
    ZeldaDungeon . net —> Majora’s Mask —> Quest —> Stray Fairies
    ~ Caleb

  9. TheMexican1821:

    I follow your walkthrough, but I missed one fairy, can you do videos just explaining on finding the fairies. I Love your videos they are very helpful, when I was little I never got as far in the game, but with your help, and my Wii I can accomplish my goal of finishing Majora’s Mask. 😀

  10. TheZeldaDungeon:

    Non denominational. Don’t have a lot of that up here in Alaska.
    ~ Caleb

  11. TheMexican1821:

    Can you be more specific are you Protestant, Catholic, or Orthodox.

  12. YoYoBIOS:

    @TheZeldaDungeon I think I know why you have to use regulair arrows after you defrosted the target,its the NTSC versoin on the emulator it doesnt do this.
    How can I confirm im using the european version?

  13. ChaosHeartsGaming:

    arrows kill wolfos in one hit on the back aswell

  14. hmr101wylde:

    fire arrows do work on the unthawed eye

  15. VideoGameEliteLPS:

    I thought since this was an Ice dungeon,you would get the Ice arrows,but i guess since there is so much ice to melt,you’ll need the fire arrows more

  16. ObscureMuffin1:

    I think it’s random