Lets Play: Splinter Cell Conviction — Washington Monument

Today we head to the Washington Monument to catch up with our old friend, Victor Coste. We also find ourselves swarmed with enemies, but who said that was a bad thing! Enjoy! ———————————————————————————————————— Want to stay updated, check out my Facebook and Twitter pages? Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com ———————————————————————————————————— SFH Music: www.freesound.org

[youtube weIRrAkJ7Pg]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментария 22

  1. volcom1451:

    i need water

  2. Andreas Hansen:

    It’s from a game review TheAuZZieGamer once made.

  3. TheMysticDave:

    3:01: ‘THE MOST RETARDED FBI AGENT IN EXISTANCE’ from Hitman Blood Money. Nice one!!

  4. Ultimafire1258:

    Sounds like a bad sex novel…

  5. Ethan Mars:

    and Corvo from dishonored

  6. karadotcollett:

    What’s with Bear Grylls?

  7. henry rodriguez:


  8. OblivionZealot:

    47: Master of the Pokerface.

  9. ksantyn:

    Finally, I saw auzzie’s face (at the end, if you skipped it). To be honest, that’s similar to what I imagined you look like, and hey, I need water.

  10. ksantyn:

    I need water

  11. TheBilly Box:

    and master murders

  12. Mossythedog:

    What about batman???

  13. HereComesHerpes:

    Combined= solid snake

  14. ahmad kasib:


  15. aazz0099503:


  16. Spikester555:

    2:59 Anyone else remember that xD

  17. EbinNinjas:

    think about them as a team 😀

  18. WWERavenwatcher:

    what about the guy from dishonored?

  19. gimli255:

    Sam 47!!!!

  20. MrZeroWheels:

    oh yeah! i was watching bear grylls the other day and had to go out and i didnt get to watch it all. i forgot about it until bear asked for water!

  21. SasukesBro11:

    Just 93 videos at the moment, and he still has 70k+ subscribers. Amazing. O_O

  22. thekovboj111:

    -do you know the area around the monument ?
    -you mean area i am directli facing and walking to ? nope not a fucking clue …