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[youtube TgSJk5xAyUI]

WalkThrough Iphone

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментария 22

  1. Quann610:

    if you cant save or pause then there is something seriously wrong with your game because min saves and pauses all day long

  2. Joe Hegarty:

    How to you get a t-shirt

  3. Booklover2016:

    2:58 Sexy… :3

  4. caseybug1110:

    actually i just wanted a bagel with creamcheese

  5. patryk blach:

    toby did you know that there making dead space3. its coming out febuary 2013

  6. twiligaby:

    moew :D
    I love toby <3

  7. chris redfeild:

    i want a freaking zombie-elephant that can controls your enemies minds and have rocked launchers coming from the elephant’s butt!!!!!!!!

  8. Breagha TwoHats:

    Please do an intro of Loch Ness!! If you do it means you would have to come to Scotland and that’s where i live 😛 (Which is a perfectly valid reason for why you should go to Scotland) x

  9. David Widlak:

    3:37 Troll Face

  10. hbvollyball:

    Really?!?! Are todays people so stupid that they think prolly is a word? its PROBABLY!!!

  11. bdoll121212:

    you cant save it !? thats stupid

  12. GreenMP3Productions:

    That was the best intro of DARKNESS then REDNESS then WHITENESS yet.

  13. TheNaikas:


  14. marleypet:

    I dont want anything. I ate way to much tonight.

  15. hayden3820:

    Toby there are 12 chapters so you’ve got allot of time to leave you’re computer on

  16. omn1dex:

    u can mess with fallout’s settings to use less, plus it idles when minimized

  17. SeaTimeless:

    And use up all the processing power?

  18. ZachMastaChief:

    It looks like there’s a floating rock on the left at 1:42

  19. appen55:

    play f.e.a.r 2

  20. omn1dex:

    cant play fallout because game running? Alt+tab?

  21. DeathToAllButMental:

    You shall too! ^-^

  22. DeathToAllButMental:

    Toby gave me some of his ninja powers :3
    Unfortunately i’m NOT a murder tank yet DX