Вопрос/Ответ: How long do you think the media will add GATE to scandals?

100 gates
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Вопрос expletive_xom: How long do you think the media will add GATE to scandals?Watergate was 40 years ago and we still use it. if something happened at the hotel today, i think the media would use Watergategate….either way, i think the Gate will last another 100 scandals (thats 5 years in DC).
@Abc lol at Gatesgategate
@gomis ya the Anthony Weiner twitters is what brought it up. i saw a Weinergate headline
@samantha — you are right about the meaning…we all know what it means when we see it.

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Answer by Abc Xyz
Until there is a scandal about Bill Gates’ gate obv.

its catchy and media is all about selling news and makin it scandalous.

so unless someone comes along and makes a new catchy term, media will stick to it.

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  1. gomisterg2003:

    watergate, wee ner gate, weener pants

    You’re a weener not a loser.

    Half as long as twice as long

    I’m tired and going to sleep, good night

  2. Joseph the Second:

    -Until They can find something WORSE- to replace it with, -Probably in another 20 years or so, -when the 1st «Watergate» Generation- begins to die off…

  3. samantha:

    Forever…it has meaning now.