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Вопрос : iPad, iPhone 4, Apple Dilemma!!?Hi. I’m torn into an Apple dilemma. I currently have an iPhone 3GS 32GB which i purchased in August 2009, agreeing with a 2 year contract with AT&T. I was about to purchase a Wifi 64GB iPad when I had decided to wait until Steve Job’s presentation at the WWDC 2010. Now I am torn between purchasing an iPad or buying the iPhone 4. You see, I was planning on getting the iPad for portability, seeing as i will be a freshman in college this fall, and creating minor word processing documents and so forth, but I really like what the new iPhone has to offer. I have a laptop that will be used for college already so the iPad was just a product to throw in my backpack and use it if i had to, like at the library.My question is this, should i buy the iPad or get the new iPhone 4. Oh and do you think i can get the iPhone 4 with the 199, 299 price since i bought my iphone 3gs in august of 2009 or will it cost me a fortune?

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Answer by Alan
I would if I were you

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