How do I alter an apple pie recipe if I have to use Red Delicious apples?4 комментария

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Вопрос LucyWillow0607: How do I alter an apple pie recipe if I have to use Red Delicious apples?I have a bunch of Red Delicious apples I want to use up quickly. I make apple pies quire often, however I have always used different varieties of baking apples. Does anyone have any tips on how I can make this pie turn out just as tasty? Thank you!

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Answer by old man on the hill
i don’t bake much myself but i would think you just use the red delicious like you would any other apple. you could peel them, but the red skin might make the pie a little more interesting, give it a little color

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  1. pixygrl

    maybe add some lemon juice and/or raisins.

  2. Gabsmycat

    Not much you can do. Red Delicious apples aren’t the type to use for pies.

    Maybe you should make an apple spice cake or something like this apple cake.

    Personally I just like to take an apple, slice it up and eat it with a sprinkle of cinnamon. 😉

  3. Nana Lamb

    The exact same as if you were using any other apple. All apples can be used for pies!! I have used more Delicious Apples, both Red and Yellow than most other people have seen!! I grew up in an orchard yard with every tree my great grandfather could get and plant.

    The only thing to NOT do is to mix types of apples within a pie!! Then you get more firm apple slices and some that are nearly mushy.

    Tasty is all in the taste buds!! What I want in a pie for flavor you might think is horrid. My grandmother, bless her, put exactly 2 tablespoons of sugar in any pie!! She really didn’t like sweet stuff so she never cooked anything with the amount of sugar it called for. My mother on the other hand, always doubled the sugar in pies so they were sweet. YEP!! You guessed it! the war was always on at holiday time!!

  4. margarita

    Red Dels aren’t really pie apples, but if you need to use them up I’d cut down on the sugar a bit as they are a more sweet apple. by Yahoo! Answers.