GTA 5 — Big Orange Ball EASTER EGG (Grand Theft Auto 5 Secrets)

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[youtube AzMZigUcQSU]

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комментария 23

  1. Abhay Jaitly:

    you sir, just gained a sub and like for that intro… (y)

  2. anas azeez:

    at 0:05 the ball hits a man

  3. lazaro castro:

    Can u kill pepole whith dat

  4. Cmeron Todd:

    Do you get it this ball thing is the cracked egg on the mount chilliad
    wall then the easter egg spaceships and the wierd man with the jet pack
    picture its simple we need to somehow combine them to get a jetpack its
    that simple!

  5. superflyGAME:

    Dat intro

  6. Ollie Hazzard:


  7. Brycen Latimore:

    That is not a easter egg

  8. Muhammad Zicar:

    Wow!!! KFC has an easter egg. A big bucket on top of the roof

  9. yokai raizen:

    There’s actually two orange balls, maybe more.

  10. Eric Forsgren:

    Thats not a ester egg

  11. nicolas aguilera:

    when i was trying to find it i found a cock

  12. amin puppy:

    We’re all fucked.

  13. familyguylover23:

    Trust me your better than me at flying helicopters. I had to rage quit
    flying school last night because I couldn’t even get bronze on the stupid
    helicopter missions!!!! Grrrrrr!

  14. Primeiro Último:


  15. flareonex28:


  16. Joanderson Galvão:

    i like to push big balls, it’s funny

  17. ThePackmanxEST:

    Hell is easy to fly

  18. MrChazGaming:

    The better your flying skill, the more smooth it is when flying

  19. Hugh Jassole:

    How is that an easter egg?

  20. WashableJamjar3:

    Love that intro, Adam is a beast 🙂

  21. SkyblowDK:

    Bro, read what it says on the ball.. That’s obviously an easter egg.. BTW,
    there are two of these balls..;P

  22. omar zain:

    First comment

  23. SkyblowDK:

    Yes it is?