GTA 5 Funny Myths! (Grand Theft Auto V Mythbusters Parody)25 комментариев


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25 комментариев

  1. dawson mix

    No derr it’s fake it says parody in the title morons

  2. Epic Troll Box U MAD BRO

    I liked and I heard a guy saying niggaahh

  3. Imran Bingwa

    I don’t think dats an achievment and lamar won’t say nigaah

  4. Royal Jedi


  5. Iloveminecraftsteve

    That achievement was so SO fake

  6. GameChannel [NL]

    Its called a parody the dick thing isnt real

  7. Goprofordayz

    Cock on fire lol

  8. TRiCKS360

    do u rlly get the achivment

  9. Hampus Andersson


  10. mrbean760

    ffs the amount of people who dont know what parody means

  11. RlapseMedia

    class mate

  12. Kobi Kuchen

    Chop can’t hear your voice and there is no achievements for burning a
    gasoline dick

  13. JB Lopez

    Kinda why its called a parody

  14. Trofex88

    Nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga, im 100% Nigga 😀

  15. Ludvig Hjälm

    aweciment get cock on fire.

  16. Southpawstinger

    why not?

  17. taylor achord

    K k

  18. Jais Thomsen

    omg cock on fire 😛

  19. Randum Z

    Nigga Nigga Nigga

  20. TechnoMichaSDL

    Cock on fire xD

  21. RebelDipper777


  22. Emil Kanino

    like if you clicked the like button for see if it say nigggaaaaa

  23. taylor achord

    I tried liking it ={ i didint say it!

  24. Black Studios

    this cock is on fireeee!!

  25. HoursIn24

    Love the end xD by Yahoo! Answers.