GTA 5 Funny Myths! (Grand Theft Auto V Mythbusters Parody)

Funny myths in GTA 5! Leave a LIKE if you enjoyed this video Episode 2 Here; ▻Video Creator:…

[youtube BNRh33-a6N8]

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  1. dawson mix:

    No derr it’s fake it says parody in the title morons

  2. Epic Troll Box U MAD BRO:

    I liked and I heard a guy saying niggaahh

  3. Imran Bingwa:

    I don’t think dats an achievment and lamar won’t say nigaah

  4. Royal Jedi:


  5. Iloveminecraftsteve:

    That achievement was so SO fake

  6. GameChannel [NL]:

    Its called a parody the dick thing isnt real

  7. Goprofordayz:

    Cock on fire lol

  8. TRiCKS360:

    do u rlly get the achivment

  9. Hampus Andersson:


  10. mrbean760:

    ffs the amount of people who dont know what parody means

  11. RlapseMedia:

    class mate

  12. Kobi Kuchen:

    Chop can’t hear your voice and there is no achievements for burning a
    gasoline dick

  13. JB Lopez:

    Kinda why its called a parody

  14. Trofex88:

    Nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga, im 100% Nigga 😀

  15. Ludvig Hjälm:

    aweciment get cock on fire.

  16. Southpawstinger:

    why not?

  17. taylor achord:

    K k

  18. Jais Thomsen:

    omg cock on fire 😛

  19. Randum Z:

    Nigga Nigga Nigga

  20. TechnoMichaSDL:

    Cock on fire xD

  21. RebelDipper777:


  22. Emil Kanino:

    like if you clicked the like button for see if it say nigggaaaaa

  23. taylor achord:

    I tried liking it ={ i didint say it!

  24. Black Studios:

    this cock is on fireeee!!

  25. HoursIn24:

    Love the end xD