Grand Theft Auto V — WEINER WANGER! FUNTAGE!!!!

I was having a little fun on GTA 5 and This funtage came out of it! not sure how funny it is but I hope you guys still enjoy it!! Thanks for watching!!! Like…

[youtube o4MFSl_MCnQ]

Grand Theft Auto Cheats

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  1. TinieTerror:

    It was a good idea but I liked the Mafia episode more tbh 

  2. Digitalium:

    ill be completly honest
    this was totally boring
    quality gta videos are with other people sadly and not alone
    but nice effort AA

  3. Alex:

    Brilliant m8 :)

  4. TheFifaSqueaker:

    Do this more often Skillz best gta vid yet

  5. Jxshify:

    song at 2:00 and awesome vid

  6. 11CAKES11:

    Weiner Wanger if trany version of FANG BANGER lol jk

  7. Mega Elitez:

    Skillz has complained that his minecraft videos get hardly any views, yet
    his gta videos has dropped views too…

  8. AjsBeastlyBeats:

    Lol theres one noob here 2 her and a 3rd here

  9. Jonathan Charnock:

    Wow «fifa 14 second channel». Skillz sort it out.

  10. Jorge Trujillo:

    Skills listen this video wasn’t funny your last video wasn’t funny your
    original video are funny plate with the gang you originally played or the
    one from the past week and I hate these skits or what ever you call it it
    was boring I didn’t laugh you tried to hard to be funny.

  11. Abdulaziz Almurib:

    Skills keep doing this its soooooo funnnnyyy

  12. teodor thodesen:


  13. Zachary P:

    dude that was a great vid

  14. BarrysCurry:


  15. Henry McDowell-Foord:


  16. Sean Deringer:

    Didn’t like