Grand Theft Auto 4: FLYING HUMMER!!!!!

in this video i spawn a car. then i drive away and a hummer flys by me at high speed. check it out Check out Cheat Code Central at for…

[youtube GaSm-YnYxxI]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. andrec4040:


  2. B789c:

    @MTVGaming ye cos he spawned the comet.

  3. ian weaver:

    @coolmetal45 no thereis not a car flyin cheat, even though it would b sad
    if he did video summut else, sao i could be a glich he set up or mayb there
    is a cheat, but no one can find it

  4. Rockcem1:

    @mrliampep5i LOL

  5. mkdaisgory:

    back to the future remake?

  6. LanciaTek:

    just to remove all the retarded comments from appearing anymore, the reason
    it says *cheat activated* is because he spawned the porche (other wise
    known as comet) and the words stay up there for about 10 seconds.

  7. bobtendo:

    @Dawouth ur cheap

  8. MrHcalderon:

    he used a cheat datz y it flew

  9. JellyOnToast2345:

    @Stikieguy1000 lmfao

  10. Orcafan1222:

    chuck norris kicked this hummer…

  11. fvboss429:

    thats chuck norris flying in his hummer at light speed!

  12. Ben Jackson:


  13. Randomness256:

    lol happend to me once the car hit me crashed up against a wall and the car
    hit me i died so fucking random XD

  14. Urocksouljaboy:

    it says cheat activated because he used comet cheat dumb ass

  15. Mya:

    lol!! That could not get anymore random

  16. JellyOnToast2345:

    @Orcafan1222 lol

  17. productions64:

    @SnipballTheBestBall xD

  18. HaloHamstur:

    Car accident

  19. fdp767: