Old Video From Old Need For Speed World When It was amazing game now this game is full of hackers and rammers and EA give cars to get $ only and my account h…

[youtube 82tgrlu558A]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментария 24

  1. Games At Its Best:

    song is unapropriet, but ok…?

  2. 133Matt133:

    i’ve got lotus evora and THIS IS EPIC =)

  3. NeonNinja:

    nice bodykit u bought 😉 and the music is even more awesome!!!

  4. elsa3dany1:

    this video when i was noob if i uploaded new video u will see my drive 😉

  5. lanny ganny:

    thats for 400k anyone can buy that for boost in exige cup its more tuned

  6. elsa3dany1:

    thx , BMW M3 GTR ?? i will beat u with my mr2 better 😉

  7. elsa3dany1:

    noob ? Like me 😀 no u can check my channel u will see my drive

  8. MsPepelqshka:

    6:38 ..O RLY?! xD

  9. Leon Jl:


  10. BeGaming | JRkkTheGamer:

    most of the T2 cars have bad acelaration, thats why i didn’t buy one

  11. Tudor Mihai Radu:

    Hey,Just like me!!!!

  12. BRS BGD:

    omg, mr2 doesn’t exist at that time noob

  13. eXtasy130:

    FUCK AINA!! NissaN SkylinE R34<333

  14. Marco Túlio Delareti:

    my el camino has 510 TS and 490 accel

  15. MasterSonic10:

    Ok then, what lvl was the BMW and what lvl was the AE86? Was the guy
    driving the BMW bad or good? Same for the AE86. You also need skill to race
    if you want to win. Just don’t go buying a fast car if you can’t handle it.

  16. Abdurahman Atakishiyev:

    it not best! best is PORSHE CAYMAN

  17. elsa3dany1:

    nope 😀 elise for life

  18. AqwAamsyaz Aamsyaz:

    malaysia’s fastest car

  19. BallasCZ:

    Ford Escort is best car from t2, i have many cars from t2 ( Ford Focus ,
    Ford Shelby Mustang Terligua, Porsche Cayman , Lotus Elise , Lancia Delta
    ,Porsche Boxter etc… ) but Ford Esc. 95 is best ! 🙂

  20. nelutzu252:

    Lotu Elise best handling

  21. Daniel Leandro:

    guess is good time(s) because that’s pretty much all they say!

  22. elsa3dany1:

    hhhh i have the Bugatti too i already love porsches , old bmw , skyline R34
    , and i like zonda it is good car.

  23. bcndarkbcnorbit:


  24. Mor Atias:

    good car but not the best man…i saw toyota mr2 that alot faster then this