GTA V (5) GLITCHES: Breach INTO Store With Car or Motorcycle (Grand Theft Auto 5 Secrets)16 комментариев


GTA 5 — Illuminati Secret Easter Egg Part 2: Rob the Ammu Store Secret:…

Grand Theft Auto Cheats

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16 комментариев

  1. MissDesireelovess

    Yes we are a multi-platform crew

  2. Cute AsFuh


  3. HeyImSimple

    Wish they would put song titles in the description..

  4. EpicMassacure

    as soon online comes out im gonna get my friends to jump on a semi truck
    and have a drive by while I drive and try to keep them on. WHOS WITH ME

  5. conb2000

    racsolovesgr33n dont talk to a girl like the you little 10 year old prick

  6. Angel Guarello

    gta V have arrive..

  7. Kevins Yeszz

    Waiting for PC =’/

  8. Mauro Villanueva

    She sounds like a robot

  9. GTA 5 & Call of Duty Ghosts: Glitches Easter Eggs & Funny Moments

    GTA5 PC will be epic. Can’t wait to see what mods the pc guys come up with!

  10. buklao559

    bitch ass nigga…..

  11. Psyblader501

    No this was found days before release with leaked versions.

  12. Torres HD

    music of intro?

  13. Ronald Robinson

    I own it but my Xbox broke the day I got it. 🙁 by Yahoo! Answers.