iPad Mini 16gb wi-fi model in black unboxing

Quick iPad Mini 16gb black wi-fi model unboxing The equipment I used to film this video was: Canon 650D DSLR In the US you can get it from http://amzn.to/ZWu…

[youtube PSTOjW0kzV8]

ipad mini

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  1. mygoodstuffreviewed:

    I guess everyone has different needs for their iPad and it would depend
    what type of work you do. I have Netflix installed on mine, the BBC iPlayer
    (UK tv station replay system), Awaken alarm clock, the Gmail and Youtube
    apps, the Sony Playmemobile camera control application and theKindle
    reader. They are my main ones. I stream music from my desktop machine to
    it, so I can listen to my music collection and I use Safari to do some web

  2. mygoodstuffreviewed:

    That’s an intriguing question and not something I would have thought of
    doing. I think I will make a video about that, because it’s a very
    interesting idea. Might take me a few weeks to put something together, but
    great suggestion!

  3. mygoodstuffreviewed:

    I’ve downloaded iMovie onto the iPad — now I just have to learn how to use
    it, so I can actually film a proper review! I’ve also got screen capture
    software so I can show the actual editing process as it’s done on the iPad
    itself. Might be a few weeks before that video is up though.

  4. Alex Prin:

    I just bought an iPad mini and was wondering what apps I should install and
    what kind of apps I could install for doing work.

  5. mygoodstuffreviewed:

    Thanks! I was in two minds whether to get the white version (which would
    have looked great on that little stand), but in the end I stuck with the
    black because I’m used to gadgets in black casing — cameras, computers,
    phones, tablets etc.

  6. mygoodstuffreviewed:

    That’s interesting — I hadn’t thought about differences like that. It still
    looks like a small box to me, but I guess the difference must be relatively

  7. brandon harmon:

    Can’t wait for the review you mentioned! Love your videos!

  8. 92JMFL:

    Hello MGSR, I’ve been thinking of picking up an ipad for basic video edits
    on the go. Is it possible you could review iMove and edit it on the pad
    please? I trust your reviews over many other online.

  9. WhatTechShow:

    Awesome! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! And the black looks really sweet

  10. WhatTechShow:

    The box is taller than the one in America! Must be because of the UK
    charger 😛