Xbox One, iPad Mini, or Nexus 7 GIVEAWAY! [Closed]

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[youtube P8yfIdwdf4Q]

ipad 7

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комментариев 19

  1. techungry1:

    XboxOne iPad Mini and Nexus 7 giveaway! 

  2. Leon M.:

    Hi , I want get the i pad thanks !!!

  3. Tony Leaf:

    iPad! Thanks!

  4. Simon Gurung:


  5. Francesco Russo:

    XBOX ONE!!!!!!!!!

  6. Lé Me:

    IPad Mini space grey!

  7. exia665:

    I pad!!

  8. Adrian Cortez:

    XBox One with COD Ghost please^__^
    Love your vids bro^

  9. Yvonickel Saint-Cyr:

    Xbox One with Forza 51 I want an Xbox one because I want one, I’ve always
    had to wait such a long time for the things I’ve wanted because of my
    circumstances. For once I’d love to get something without having to wait
    Forever. Thanks for this opportunity.

  10. Daniel Tshilombo:

    Xbox one 

  11. DistructoTweek:


  12. Angelo Mendez:

    Xbox one you dont have to get a game but if you ware kind id like
    battlefield :3

  13. SempaiJonGaming:

    Xbox one COD Ghosts

  14. Flawlesskill12:


  15. Bigman volkan:


  16. IceBen211:

    xbox onnneeeee

  17. Albert Gomez:

    xbox one

  18. milklovinggamer:

    xbox one FTW

  19. johnmgeekytech13:

    I want nexus 7