iPod Touch redesign, iPad mini, and iPod Nano 7!

When is the ‘Best’ time to buy an Apple Product? http://full.sc/OP2r2K (a thelatestech website) Japanese blog Macotakara claims to have additional details ab…

[youtube 6dCy7rOh3I0]

ipad 7

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  1. John David Meyers:

    does this only occur when you upload it on the youtube site? like will i
    see it if i upload it from iMovie?

  2. TheLatesTech:

    If it’s not there, it’s pretty obvious. you wouldn’t miss it.

  3. TheLatesTech:

    yeah, you have to use the uploader on the website. Or you can upload from
    iMovie, and then go to the settings, and you will see it.

  4. iphoneandnick:

    ipad mini why? we already have the iphone and ipod

  5. felix t.j. Falk:

    1 thing i know is that the current ipod nano will change …. why ??
    because i have been wanting to get tpf skins for my silver 16 gig nano and
    they are getting hard to find even in china on ebay…. so i’m guessing
    they are gearing up for a new product and discontinuing the older shape….
    so i’m glad i got 4 skins for mine :p

  6. Drumerpunk1:

  7. John David Meyers:


  8. TheLatesTech:

    just edited it in.

  9. Fred Pfeiffer:

    Thank you for all your videos you are my favorite person on youtube

  10. Charles Sparks:

    I don’t really see an iPad mini happening..

  11. tonystewart1402:

    I Can see that u did edit that lol

  12. Drumerpunk1:

    I wonder if prices will go up on some apple products since some samsung
    products is in them and samsung’s stuff will be going up in price since
    apple one in the courts.

  13. John David Meyers:

    when you’re a youtube partner, how to you put in your own thumbnail?

  14. John David Meyers:

    did you do some special video editing? or did you just play that video on
    your mac.

  15. John David Meyers:

    Nice hair 🙂

  16. fuckallh8ters123:

    They need 2 make da nano work wit da iPhone

  17. TheLatesTech:

    They give you an option after the video is uploaded.

  18. Richard Sawyer:

    hey, the apple core from last week isnt working 🙁

  19. MrJoekevin:

    FINALLY! A new iPod touch! I was thinking of buying it right now but since
    is going to be updated ima wait. Plus in wonder how much the iPad mini will

  20. Jens Petter Lund:

    2:39 inception