Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5) LIVE! w/ friends!16 комментариев


«GTA V with friends. watching chat! PLEASE: (18+ Only) *new audio setup plz lv feedback* (18+ Only) Combat Camera Recorded in front of a live audience, possibly edited later for slow intros….

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16 комментариев

  1. Tom Jones

    Bruno is your friend list full on 360?

  2. SRS

    Yea can’t link you a picture but there is a place with a ton of helicopters

  3. SRS

    Blondes and your job are similar like that they both suck.

  4. SRS

    The one is near the ferris wheel

  5. MorallyWrongGamers

    oh so they brought that back

  6. MorallyWrongGamers

    shot in the face

  7. DelusionalProductions


  8. Logan McCann


  9. Marcos Gonzalez


  10. MorallyWrongGamers

    what was the question?

  11. Ryan Whimp

    Can I join when I get

  12. SRS

    When do you kick a midget in the balls?

  13. MorallyWrongGamers

    unless you work at a whore house in lousiana

  14. SRS

    Get the attack helicopters by Yahoo! Answers.