Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5) LIVE! w/ friends!

«GTA V with friends. watching chat! PLEASE: (18+ Only) *new audio setup plz lv feedback* (18+ Only) Combat Camera Recorded in front of a live audience, possibly edited later for slow intros….

[youtube FOedkNNGB1Y]

Grand Theft Auto Cheats

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  1. Tom Jones:


  2. Tom Jones:

    Bruno is your friend list full on 360?

  3. SRS:

    Yea can’t link you a picture but there is a place with a ton of helicopters

  4. SRS:

    Blondes and your job are similar like that they both suck.

  5. SRS:

    The one is near the ferris wheel

  6. MorallyWrongGamers:

    oh so they brought that back

  7. MorallyWrongGamers:

    shot in the face

  8. DelusionalProductions:


  9. Logan McCann:


  10. Marcos Gonzalez:


  11. MorallyWrongGamers:

    what was the question?

  12. SRS:


  13. Ryan Whimp:

    Can I join when I get

  14. SRS:

    When do you kick a midget in the balls?

  15. MorallyWrongGamers:

    unless you work at a whore house in lousiana

  16. SRS:

    Get the attack helicopters