Grand Theft Auto IV Walkthrough w/ Cheats (Commentary) Part 7 — Killing Vlad

This is my walkthrough from one of my most favorite games ever made by the very prestigious creators of Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto IV on the Xbox 360 w…

[youtube s3tq2HMEBUc]

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  1. joshua andrews:

    what if u used a rocet launcher

  2. Clint Ragoopath:

    Bernie is really really out there lol

  3. MrSethGodSAUSAGE:

    My Wish Came True

  4. ThatSoccerAndWWEfan:

    your so awesome

  5. kiddswagg7192954:

    8:56 shut the fuck up!!!!!!!

  6. jaiden cross:

    y no two tickets to pradis