Apple iPad Mini 1080p HD Video Sample

Here is 1080p video shot with the new Apple iPad Mini and it’s 5MP Camera.

[youtube oTo907Y1Ryo]

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комментариев 9

  1. halomo81:

    Shit video does look like its 24 frames per second damn time to film short
    films as best as possible

  2. Da Crib:

    Thats why the camera looked shit. DONT FORGET TO CHANGE QUALITY ON YOUTUBE!

  3. JJWL12:

    i always find myself commenting on your videos……i don’t know why…….

  4. Erick Muñoz:

    I have the iTouch 5G and the ipad mini 🙂

  5. Christian H:

    You should do a comparison video between iPod touch 5 and the iPad mini

  6. Geo G:

    when I shot video from the camera app it came out as 24fps?…and also how
    do you upload it from iPad mini to youtube in such good quality?

  7. MrJxan365:

    do some picture test

  8. dhori zhobro:

    Ipod is better RETINA DISPLAY

  9. Wayne Johns:

    Its actually really good. The video and quality I mean