How to Jailbreak Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: iOS 7.0.4 Edition

The iOS 7 jailbreak is here! Here’s how to install it on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You can find the full instructions in our always up-to-date guide:…

[youtube ID9EGhmDUng]

ipad 7

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  1. Gunther Furlong:

    Has anyone tried this on the latest iPod Touch? #jailbreak #iOS7 

  2. Redstone2K12:

    its been 10 mins and my iphone is still on the final apple reboot screen
    after it said done. what should i do

  3. Danial Muhammad:

    Do NOT jailbreak just yet. Wait for them to release a stable update as it’s
    super buggy. They didn’t notify any developers, not even saurik (developer
    of Cydia). I tried it 30 minutes ago and got bogged down by problems and
    bugs immediately. If you’ve waited all these months, what’s a few
    hours/days more? 🙂

    More info:

  4. TervellLive:

    …for those who have the stuck logo problem ………First the reasonn
    why it is stuck is because you updated through the phone rather than iTunes
    ……if you haven’t updated to ios7.04 yet do it through iTunes first then
    jailbreak or you will come across the same problem ……next to get out of
    the logo thing just hold down the home and power …..cant remember for how
    long but after let go of the power and just hold on the home…..until it
    tells you to connect it to iTunes …restore… updated…and jailbreak!!! 

  5. abisek lamazes:

    fake ?

  6. Christien Ray:

    Jailbreaking your iPad Air iPad Mini Retina is a way of freeing it from the
    limitations, *W W W . EasyiPadUnlock . C O M*

  7. marques jones:

    Don’t work 

  8. David Clark:

    I’m wondering what the point of jail breaking is? 

  9. ivan ace:

    why is it working for you kuz mine got stuck on the apple logo at the last

  10. Jack O'Leary:

    This is shit

  11. Cj Watson:

    Thanks bro

  12. Redouane moonen:

    my jailbreak doesnt work i cant download apps free…?

  13. lolfix101:


  14. Renato L:

    Happy Bricking

  15. Supratt001:

    Thank you lifehacker

  16. Derek Antrican:

    iOS 7 Jailbreak is here for you iOS users! Also, if you’re an Android user,
    CyanogenMod Installer for rooting your Android device (as long as it’s
    supported) is even easier than jailbreaking an iOS device! Check that out

  17. MrGabigoo:

    No NOT jailbreak, I tried it three times and got stuck on the final Apple
    logo each time.

  18. clone9o:

    Screw you guys

  19. Burak Aksu:

    iPad version of my faulty ?

  20. Garner Marshall:

    Well I think they finally gave up on 6.1.3 in favor of iOS 7. Give it up
    folks. Upgrade. #ResistanceisFutile 

  21. Rafael Guerreiro:

    Teach me how to root my android tablet!

  22. Chris L.G.:

    My device glitches while jail breaking and I forgot to back it up on
    iTunes. Please tell me how to get my phone back.

  23. davidmirfilms:

    my iphone 5 is bricked! i cant even reboot it! please help, its stuck on
    the apple logo!

  24. Ahmed Bin.Nayae:

    please which dock are you using?

  25. Anfernee Omar:

    What does jailbreaking do exactly? I want to try this, but still unsure of