Ford Mustang iPad Mini Dash Mount

A removable mounting system for the new Ford Mustang.

[youtube mBGCc3X241U]

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комментария 23

  1. Musicar Northwest:

    We expect to get our first piece off of the mold early next week. If it
    meets our specs and standards, we should be able to begin shipping them
    early in December. Make sure to follow us on our FB page for updates and a
    pre-order announcement soon, and send us an email to get on the list for
    pre-orders. We’re only making 50 of these things on our first run, so
    they’ll be going fast. I’m super excited to get these out to you guys!!

  2. Ahennem:

    I dont have a need for it but thats a really awesome set up.

  3. Chris Sparks:

    Very cool. So what bluetooth extra piece did you say you used? Also you
    don’t have a way to charge in the car right, aside from plugging into a
    lighter with a usb mini connector?

  4. nick procter:

    What is your web address? The only site I could find seemed to specialize
    in BMW audio? 

  5. R0nenic:

    Challenger one coming?!?!?! This is amazing!! Please make one for the dodge

  6. Luis Villavicencio:

    Can you have the ipad connected to the sync system and stil answer your
    phone via bluetooth at the same time? Wouldn’t it required to disconnect
    your phone in order to connect the ipad? 

  7. Richard Velasco:

    Not all of us have Facebook-anyway you can inform us on YouTube 

  8. Christian Lozano:

    clean easy setup, love it!!!
    hope to get my hands on one soon

  9. darrenleaguecity:

    Damn I want this for my 2012…cant’ seem to reach you via phone or email! 

  10. Beast Ace:

    no radio

  11. Shane Kelly:

    Thanks, Ill be waiting for it.

  12. Nelson Pimentel:

    Quick question when are you guys gonna start selling also are you guys
    gonna sell them online? 

  13. Musicar Northwest:

    Shane…We’re hoping to start shipping them by the end of November or the
    first week of December! We’ll be announcing all of the details along with a
    pre-order special here shortly. Thanks for your interest.

  14. Shane Kelly:

    A 2011 mustang should have the same setup, when will they be available for
    the 11-14 mustags to purchase?

  15. Shane Miller:

    how much would you charge for something like this?

  16. Russell Funches:

    I have a 2011 Dodge challenger. Can you build something like this for it?

  17. Musicar Northwest:

    We don’t currently have a piece for that car, but we can take a look at
    making that the next piece to go into production. — Tom

  18. Musicar Northwest:


  19. Musicar Northwest:

    Hey Frank, we don’t currently have one for that dashboard. We’re still in
    the process of tooling up for the current piece. If we get enough requests,
    we can look at doing that car next. — Tom

  20. frank castanon:

    do you guys have one for the 2005-2009 models?

  21. dasprite83:

    Hello i was looking into doin somethin like this but didn’t know where i
    should start….I’ve got a 2005 mustang…would/could u make a dash mount
    to fit wht i needed in the dash of a 05 stand

  22. The08mustanggt:

    Are y’all going to make one for the 2005-2009 mustangs too? Mini and full

  23. mkracik:

    This looks fantastic! Are the magnets strong enough to hold it in place
    when accelerating hard?