iPad mini (dual core) vs Google Nexus 7 (quad core) Tablet Comparison

We put the iPad mini and Nexus 7 head to head and see what each has to offer. How does the iPad mini differ from the Nexus 7? Apart from being iOS and Androi…

[youtube aEj5HkimsJ8]

ipad 7

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  1. CleetusVanDamme:

    Make sure to compare the price of each as well!

  2. The Review Room:

    I think Google missed an opportunity here, if any tablet would be useful
    with a camera it would have to be a 7 inch tablet like the Nexus 7. We
    can’t wait t o get our hands on the Nexus 4 either…Mmmmm Nexus goodness.

  3. HenryHins:

    iPad mini is better on all aspect except price. But no I e us gonna forgo
    is great product Because of the price, right?

  4. The Review Room:

    Well for starters to see if the price difference is justified? What is your
    opinion on it, is it worth the difference? (Michael)

  5. BannedMalcolm:

    fuck it, buying galaxy 2

  6. Arne Massra:

    i used support android, but why nx7 looks so weird? do not regard tablet as
    a real note book. open your web browser and you will see it is really sad
    for nx7 user, no matter you rotate the device and you will never get a
    comfortable sight, especially when the keyboard is turned on, what you see
    is just a narrow line above your keyboard.

  7. Michael Panzer:

    It’s funny… you are one of the few who says the Nexus 7 Screen is better.
    I have a Nexus 7 and am Totaly fine with it so I won’t get to see the ipad
    mini 😉

  8. Faisal goku:

    You are the best

  9. choy gallaza:

    apple is the best even the samsung pass to atest it doesnt accurate. bcoz
    apple is best in games graphics. android suckz on that part, (games) the
    only run good is the tegra games for tegra tablet.

  10. rihannaswig:

    great review! thanks

  11. The Review Room:

    Agreed we just uploaded a video comparing the iPad mini with the new iPad 4
    and with the naked eye you can’t see any major difference in performance.

  12. xXT4akeFlight23Xx:

    I have an s3 but practically every android ohone has a better front facing
    camera. Adroid should really make something like facetime. Skype works but
    to much hasle..

  13. The Review Room:

    Yes absolutely the specs are better on the Nexus 7, but Apple somehow seems
    to make lesser specs do more on their machines. To be honest, we were blow
    away with the iPad minis responsiveness and performance with half the specs
    of the Nexus 7. I think Google needs to take control of the hardware too
    (maybe through their Motorola acquisition) so they can compete on an equal
    footing with Apple.(Michael)

  14. The Review Room:

    A million other people a month have as well according to Asus, which is a
    great result for Android as a platform. How will it continue from here?
    Time will tell, and we’ll be tracking that. (Ritchie)

  15. The Review Room:

    For reading and general browsing, I think the Mini is suitable, but I still
    like the Nexus for its screen quality, especially for video content.
    However the fact remains that the tablet app market is much richer on the
    iOS ecosystem and that’s Google’s challenge — get developers over to the
    google side and create some compelling content. (Ritchie)

  16. Danilo Avila:

    thank you, i want an ipad mini now!!

  17. The Review Room:

    coming soon!. (Michael)

  18. AppleGnome:

    16:9 on a mobile device doesn’t make sense unless all your gonna do is
    watch movies. Even though I am a huge Apple fan I am passing up the Iphone
    5 for a Nexus 4 b/c I can’t stand 16:9 on a tablet or phone. Looks too
    skinny in portrait & in landscape too short which means more scrolling &
    pinch zooming. The mini is so light that I don’t even miss my larger Ipad
    except the retina display. I love this thing. Plus all the native iPads
    just makes it all that much better.

  19. HenryHins:

    How many apps are optimized for Tegra 3?

  20. JumpshotJR:

    The iPad Mini has the same screen resolution as the iPad1 which looks
    blurry and washed up.

  21. roberto hernandez:

    Nexus 7 win for the price

  22. The Review Room:

    It caught us by surprise just how usable it is. I don’t think I’ve used the
    iPad 4 much at all since we got our hands on the iPad mini. Both the iPad
    mini and the Nexus 7 are highly portable tablet devices. (Michael)

  23. Richard H:

    I would have to go with the mini for the screen size, but i wouldn’t buy a
    7″ tablet for my own personal use. I have an s3 if i want something
    portable. I would in fact upgrade to a note 2 before I considered a 7″
    tablet, and stick with a 10″ tablet as my less portable device.