2013 Google Nexus 7 (2nd Gen) Vs. iPad mini: Performance, Gaming, And Benchmarks17 комментариев


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17 комментариев

  1. Riezman Iskandar

    Totally bias!!! Especially on the gaming part but who cares? I still prefer
    Nexus 7 than iPad mini.. Apple! It’s time to step your game up!! 

  2. will Tipler

    Can I have a xbox one

  3. kurai6

    My penis is too small

  4. Tristanica

    7 SUXEN

  5. will Tipler

    Can I have a xbox one

  6. dakoookie

    lol my nexus 7 2012 only scores 1100 in geekbench 😮

  7. rollins esperance

    haters gonna hate

  8. Thomas Jendrejack

    Nexus 7 is waaaaaaaaaaaay better!

  9. Aries Miller

    Hey ipadair giveaway with DetroitBorg please pick me! Would mean a lot.

  10. Jed Payten

    nexus7 all the way

  11. jonmalizia

    Ipad mini. Ihave old nexus 7. It lagss and not the best but getting ipadmini

  12. FaultyMango

    iPood Mini sucks

  13. Khotta Bogard

    And still nexus 7 2013 is the beter choice compared to the ipad mini 2,why?
    Because of the price,you better save your money if you want an iphone 5 or
    5s because i think the nexus 7 2013 has no rival

  14. Gabriele R.


  15. Azur Đuzić

    ipad mini sucks

  16. Jake

    A contributing factor that the Nexus feels slower in scrolling is that the
    response time is nowhere near the iPad Mini’s. Also the fact that an A5
    processor at 1GHz dual core is comparable to a 1,5GHz quad core beast is
    just sad. Apple has done some major top class engineering and design with
    their processors. I think this Nexus 7 edges out the iPad mini, but I have
    no doubt that the iPad Mini 2 will push this race much further.

  17. Marin Prpic

    I have nexus 7 and nexus 7 is great and can play all games with Google
    play.i love nexus 7(2013) Camera is great and RAM,procesor and speed tablet

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