Reset Restrictions Passcode For iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad on iOS 6 & iOS 7 (Without Jailbreak)

Name : Reset Restrictions Passcode For iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad on iOS 6 & iOS 7 (Without Jailbreak) Written Instructions & Download Links can be found here…

[youtube 83chKoWHAh8]

ipad 7

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  1. Donato Ramirez:

    This does not work on iOS7. Do you have a suggestion for IOS7?

  2. The Gamers Guild:

    Thanks man!! BTW, I like your intro/out-tro!!

  3. Sean Howland:

    Does not work with iOS 7, I’ve tried it.

  4. Andria Kyriacou:

    Does it work for ios 7.0.3 ???????????????????????

  5. failsafe65:

    Doesn’t work

  6. Lars Nelissen:


  7. syed sameer munna:

    please anybody tel me its work on ios+? iphone 4s turbo sim sprint

  8. aabee dz:


  9. Lilac Flower:

    Thanks, it worked perfectly but I still had to wipe my iphone either way
    because I got an error saying I couldn’t restore my phone unless I made
    more space (so not enough space to restore) so I had no choice but to
    delete many many apps and all 2,500 photos I had just to make enough space
    to restore. When I restored from the back up, it didn’t restore the deleted
    apps or my photos. How annoying but that’s the fault of Apple though.

    So what I learned was that when you back up, the back up contains all the
    data and the app data of all the apps you had on your phone *BUT* if you
    delete apps or photos or whatever you delete from your phone for the
    purpose of making extra space to allow the restore to happen (if you get
    the error saying it can’t restore because of not enough space so you have
    to delete things to make space), the restore does not actually restore the
    things (apps, app data, photos etc. ) you deleted to make space for the
    restore to happen (but I think the backup file itself has all the data). It
    did restore the data from the apps already installed on the phone though
    but it didn’t restore the things I had deleted to make extra space which is
    a bummer.

    It would be more convenient if the backup restore feature would ACTUALLY
    restore your phone exactly as it is in the backup file, apps and photos and
    all. It seems like the backup itself *has* all the photos and app data yet
    the action of «restoring» doesn’t actually restore all the things. It seems
    that ibackupbot does have the option to restore all the photos at least,
    good job! One point for ibackup bot, minus one point for Apple! It would
    also be convenient if Apple made it possible to just reset the passcode
    instead of resorting to wiping your phone to factory settings and hacking
    your own phone.

    So far ibackupbot is a great program although I tend to get a lot of random
    error messages while trying to back up my individual apps but overall I
    would throw my money at them if I had money. I like how it has the option
    to just restore all your photos, how it has the option to export your app
    WITH THE ACTUAL APP DATA (very important feature!) and how you can do a
    partial restore although I haven’t tried partial restoring yet so I don’t
    know how that works exactly but it sounds useful. It just has a lot of
    useful features. A lot of thanks to ibackupbot and iDeviceBlogMovies for
    making this helpful video! I was able to finally remove my restriction
    passcode, THANK YOU!

  10. ANNABELLE Ilagan:

    doesn’t work on my ipad 2. it didnt change anything. PLEASE HELP

  11. Mauricio Torres:

    did this look different for anyone with iOS7 ??

  12. lacannede janne:

    I doest worked for my ipad mini ios7 , it doesnt change anything , i’m sure
    do have done every single thing ..

  13. MinecraftAwaits:

    If they have locked you out of turning it off, then you can also try
    completely restoring your iPhone, jail breaking, or leaving it. I am not
    sure at the moment how you would disable a restriction without having the
    passcode. If I find out I’ll let you know!

  14. deathninjakittyfilms:

    cant wait to try!!!!!!!!!!

  15. MegaFatcat100:

    Agreed, I’m kind of stuck 🙁

  16. MegaFatcat100:

    Yes, how do you?

  17. William Tackett:


  18. TheUnshackled:

    I followed instructions exactly, but my springboard.plist doesnt look likr
    yours.. Why is that? My iPad is even jailbroken.