iPhone 5 & iPad HD Dual Dock

This is a dual dock I built that will allow both an iPhone 5 with the new lightning connector and an iPad to be charged. Total cost to build 4 docks (not inc…

[youtube S8BePcr8T2w]

ipad 5

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  1. Harry Moore:

    I’d buy on if instead of lightning a 30 pin for my 3GS

  2. dnavanzat1:

    Oddly, you look and sound just like someone I work with. Very nice wood
    work, but ummm, how about a little more attention to our release going
    live? Also, did you prepare any post production support documentation? What
    happens if the connectors need to be replaced? What if Apple comes out with
    a surprise new iPad today which uses the new lightning connector? Oh wait,
    they DID! Which means your iPad 3rd generation is obsolete and mine will be
    better than yours 🙂

  3. bonnerkirkd:

    Sorry to anyone looking to buy this. There is just no way it could be
    profitable for me to manufacture. Find a friend that’s got a table saw.
    It’s not difficult to do. Or just wait until a multi connector dock some
    out. I have lot little doubt it will happen.

  4. Hunter Olsen:

    Pretty nice! I am going to make one just for my iPad and one separate for
    my iPhone 5! Thank you for the instructions!

  5. iluvsnakes25:

    Looks amazing! I’d buy one.

  6. Brandon C.:


  7. westy boy:

    I wanna buy one

  8. MrDemon12325:

    Look at his username lol

  9. Eminemlam:

    is so good

  10. thebestgamer1998:

    Could had some music while you speeded up the video;)