Grand Theft Auto 5 — iFruit App — First Look iPhone iPad iOS GTA5

GTA Online infinite money glitch First look at the iOS app iFruit…

[youtube XB0fapaR7LE]

ipad 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  2. MrMoodi1990:

    I dont find it in my i phone 5 why 

  3. Kelventke Teoh:

    Go to vice city

  4. Harvey Sohanpal:

    Go to vice city

  5. Khalaph Haif:

    Its working andrpoid sony tablet s the apps fine.


    its also on andriod

  7. Eddie Misiewicz:

    It works 100% on my nexus 7 tablet

  8. TheMSpence89:

    why wont it let me personalize my license plates?

  9. Shieldsam:

    What they should have done is linked the in-game phone to either this app
    or smartglass. I thought they’d done this, but apparently not 🙁

  10. Jordans Gartner:

    I got a iphone 7l

  11. evelyncdelfinab:

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    although I know you are speaking the truth. A different addicting game Now
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  13. Lord Vader:

    *middle finger* I hate this fucking thing i can’t affordd an *iphone*

  14. burns0100:

    So…I have an iphone 3gs but can’t download the app because its not
    supported….I don’t have android and I can’t download it to my laptop
    because its an app… fucking hell all I want is the custom plate to say my
    name yer I need to wait now until my new phone is ordered in which could
    take weeks and is costing me money… this shit should be in game on a site
    in your phone not in real life where you have to fuck around, this is
    rockstars one big fuck up in my eyes.

  15. Jack Le:

    no because people tend to really spend money to get the app from the
    appstore instead of downloading it from a pirate site on the internet. Also
    the low amount of types of devices makes it easier to make an app that has
    high compatibility.