ASUS EP121 Eee Slate Windows 7 Tablet PC — Part One — iPad Comparisons

The ASUS EP121 is a powerful new (2011) Tablet PC running windows7. The EP121 takes advantage of Windows 7 multi-touch, a Wacom Active Digitizer and an Intel…

[youtube oty4ukjSIjg]

ipad 7

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  1. oztabletpc:

    It was a limitation of ie8. This video is a few years old now. The newer
    versions of Internet Explorer zoom very smoothly FWIW.

  2. EPS5000:

    Why is it so laggy? When you zoomed in one a webpage in Internet Explorer,
    it looked really laggy in the video.

  3. oztabletpc:

    Yes, absolutely.

  4. sonicandroider:

    Can anyone use keyboard in this device

  5. oztabletpc:

    True. Good observation. It’s important to know whether it is present with a
    tablet before you buy though as it cannot be added later. Another part of
    the equation is the tablet processor and hardware since they also have a
    bit influence on how good the pen experience is.

  6. paradoxxf:

    The pen isn’t what’s making the writing happen. It’s one half of the
    equation. You need a wacom tech pad in the equipment and the active
    digitizer. You need software to annotate.

  7. voicetube:

    Big question: if one CHOSES to, can one still use a mouse (into of course
    the usb) with this device?

  8. oztabletpc:

    Yes absolutely.

  9. Peter Bočan:

    Well somebody has forgotten the #Windows7 #tablet … I am sure that this
    one will be awesome with #Windows8 and less of power — let’s say, Sandy
    Bridge i3-2100 and 3 GBs of RAM would be okay…

    This is iPad-proof… professionals’ tool.
    ASUS EP121 Eee Slate Windows 7 Tablet PC — Part One — iPad Comparisons

  10. oztabletpc:

    You can pick this up new now for AU$800 now… it’s over a year old.

  11. karink113:

    Tnx for explaining soo nice, i really had doubts on which platform to
    choose; as a design student i wanted something easy to work with where i
    can draw straight on the screen and also not that expensive. First i
    thought of wacom cintiq but seeing ur vid and other my mind is more set on
    the asus device now so again ty.

  12. Rufus And Sleeping Beauty.:

    That is not a fair compares un it’s like a mobile tablet against a
    computer. I would understand if you would compare the Asus Infinity pad
    against the iPad tht would be fair. It’s like a MacBook air agains Mac pro

  13. sirknightcape:

    i have something i want to ask about the tablet pc is that the same as the
    samsung Galaxy tab 2 tablet and if so can i play 3D world games with it
    like SECONDLIFE and KANEVA ..right now i am playing these games with my
    desk top computer but i am on the move alot so should i get a tablet or
    laptop ??? i am not sure what to

  14. Mathew Rivers:

    Its cool in all but its also 1 600 dollars

  15. hugh huang:

    I really thought you were gonna drop the I pad on the table LOL! 8:23

  16. felixthemaster1:

    because they are taiwanese!

  17. oztabletpc:

    I don’t propose that these PCs are for fun. In fact, that’s exactly the
    point that many people now realise. iPad / Apple = fantastic for angry
    birds. PC = work. One day when you get a job you’ll understand.

  18. oztabletpc:

    Thanks for your comments! Please see my answer on the other video.

  19. 2012Letmein:

    I called best buy and they said they don’t have it and looking at the ASUS
    website itself, it does not have an option for buying the device……..
    So, where can someone get this device…..Thx u

  20. Magaret Hansen:

    so i can play games too??? is it recommended..??