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  1. Mengty Tan:


  2. nhleno1:

    Yup this website here is just sending out comletely free Pink Apple iPad
    3’s for today only. You do have to be fill out your address but it’s all
    real, I claimed my one a few minutes ago. Get in quick! UPAD3.COM I’ll give
    you a glass of wine, if you give me a few drops of water from your eyes.
    I’m thirsty for your sadness.

  3. Mohammed Sawkat:

    wow! thanks

  4. Larry Miller:

    What’s io s 7

  5. La Negra De L:

    I dont understand how to do it

  6. Amira Sharoud:

    if i have an ipod 5 can i install ios 7 on settings

  7. Ellie Veal:

    No not yet

  8. bmw asstrin:

    i can notdownload it because my iphone 4s goes into dfu node

  9. TheLeedsbadboy:

    Mine says error can’t download and I’m on iPhone 5 bastards

  10. dan petalino:

    Is it really really slow when Backing Up? Or my iPhone has problem

  11. Funnyalex2400:

    Not enough

  12. Guettai Nadji:

    yeah dude the same happend to me wtf i have to do?!

  13. Troy Giri:

    Which one do i download for he iphone 4? :O

  14. austin lee:

    It comes out September 18 2013

  15. yasmin welsh:

    what happens if it doesnt work

  16. GhostHauntsYou:

    how do i fix when it says error 3914 or whatever pllz help? 🙁

  17. ProdigyGamers:

    how do u no it comes out the 18th of september