IOS 7 sucks on the Ipad 3..

So yeah. It seems ios7 has not been optimised at all for Ipad. Tries resetting, formatting etc. Still a heap of donkey crap.

[youtube UE4sO_ll01c]

ipad 7

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  1. Wesley Engstrom:

    The colours let’s just say there flamboyant everywhere you go on ios 7
    features and even the settings will look high in colours.

  2. LagXpeanut pwner:

    Ios7 really look like too simple and too bright in colours! Luckily i had
    my Android device.

  3. Matthew Manzo:

    Im not the only one 🙂

  4. Nikil Bogati:

    I also had the same problem !!!

  5. TheBruceMan100:

    I’m not the only one!! 🙂

  6. klaudia424038:

    Did it delete all of your stuff ??

  7. Anonymous Bosch:

    Yeah mine’s done that too. This OS is a pile of crap. I suspect im screwed
    on downgrading back to OS6 bcuz i didnt save shsh blob thing. I could live
    with the horrible flat fisher price Wonderbread GUI look, but theyve
    changed so much for no reason at all, even reversing some actions (why? For
    the lulz?), & the performance hits are drastic. The slide started with
    ios6, but iOS7 is the harbinger of Apple’s doom.

  8. phoenix stutz:

    Nexus 5 will be awesome if you plan on switching to android wait for nexus 5

  9. venom valle:

    And that people is why apple suck buy androids people with ipads look up
    the sony xperia z its awsome and android 😉

  10. namewithholding:

    Timmy Cooked messed up on this one.

  11. Julia Murphy:

    Same problem…

  12. enriquecorro:


  13. Rapha:

    i cant even play a game with it freezing or crashing

  14. Ogrilio Magurf:

    Well, ive been trying to downgrade and I must be fully incompetent because
    i have got nothing through the normal way. Seems that itunes 11.1 has
    something to do with that, so I will try to uninstall itunes and revert to
    a 10x version before attempting to restore my old ios 6.1.3 This has to be
    a joke by the part of Apple! How is that we havent been warned about all of
    these bugs before upgrading. We even have got not time enough to test it
    out and restore or downgrade. I feel like scamed.

  15. crackflush:

    I think Apple just cares about money now. If Ios6 was perfect, then why
    change it?? a gimmick, to sell more of the new phones, and we all run like
    sheeps. Don’t they test things?? Why should they if we buy it anyways.
    Steve Jobs would never allow the apple maps and ios 7 to be released in
    their initial state. I have a brand new Ipad mini, aside from its bad
    display for reading, it ran great with the ios 6, and now with ios 7, guess
    what?? it’s slow as hell, alot of skips and freezes, I’m pissed.

  16. rrhydra:

    I’m trying to sell this ipad and it’s not going to sell with this crappy
    firmware on!

  17. Raz Mag:


  18. Angelo Daviani:

    Same shit happens to mine fuck ios 7

  19. Miguel Navarrete:

    Does what mine does, so slow & unresponsive ver very leggy!

  20. Miguel Navarrete: