First Impression: » IOS 7 GOLDEN MASTER ON iPad Mini»

I think that IOS is moving in the right direction. In this video i will be giving you my First Impression of the new IOS operating system. There are many of …

[youtube i4jH-VN1mfE]

ipad 7

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  1. smoothtech2000:

    okay thanks for the information

  2. prateek jain:

    turn on the increase contrast ( in accessibilty) for better viewing on the

  3. smoothtech2000:


  4. smoothtech2000:

    No i used the update method when i was connected to iTunes

  5. MsBeauty161:

    did it delete your data

  6. Skopelos:

    Good video…thanks

  7. smoothtech2000:

    your welcome and thank you

  8. smoothtech2000:

    thank you i will try it out

  9. French Kitsch:

    Good job —Thanks ! Maybe if you do a search on Pantone color charts, I’m
    sure you can find a color for background that works.