iPhone 6 Rumor, Bending iPhone 5s and iPad 5 launch date [News Bite]19 комментариев


Cam runs down a handful of this week’s most interesting stories so far in the latest episode of News Bite. This week we’re focusing on the recent iPhone 6 ru…

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19 комментариев

  1. gavin jones

    my iphone 5s is slightly bent on a flat surface one side is 2.5mm off the
    table an i have never dropped it or sat on it nor hit it on anything it has
    been in a case with a screen protector since i unboxed it. my accelerometer
    is also 3° off center when on a perfectly flat/level table.

  2. Xavier Wade

    I say they increase there battery size because it really needs improvements

  3. Andrew Boot

    Um Kyle Ray it’s actually about weight and design

  4. Ziggy Parr

    What about the iphone 6 rumor with the computer screen?

  5. Kyle Ray

    Your phone is warped. Die Cast aluminum not nearly as good as Aircraft
    Grade Apple used in the past. Truth? Apple is downgrading product quality
    to prop up their falling profits. Die Cast Aluminum doesn’t go through Heat
    Treating or High Pressure Extrusion that Certified Aircraft Grade Aluminum
    does. Now if you believe it’s just as good of quality, test this out on
    your iPhone. Try to bend it bare handed to prove it is. Warm it up 1st
    though, so it bends and doesn’t break at volume button!

  6. Shivam Gupta

    Ipad seasonalSell begins upad3.com

  7. PaydoggProductions

    Could you show more battery cases for iPhone 5/5s/5c?!:)

  8. Jerod Leavitt

    Apple is going to have 4k resolution on the iPhone 6 and you will not be
    able to tell the difference..

  9. Edgar Rodriguez

    What ever happen and I don’t agree with the stuff you say about the
    resolution and the size

  10. Cam Bunton

    Sadly not. He took a full time job at Best Buy and didn’t have time any
    more. He’s not made a video for us since July/August. But, by the time he’d
    announced to me he was leaving it had already been so long since he had
    time to make any videos, it seemed redundant saying «goodbye».

  11. Ed Green

    An iconic photo of Steve Jobs. Or maybe a comic version would fit in nicely
    on that naked back wall of yours.

  12. Monkeyfilms2468

    The eye can’t see above 1080p

  13. Deshon Husband

    If i bought an iphone5 and then the note 3 launched i would be waiting for
    the new iphone too

  14. John House

    Well I’m waiting on the new iPad 5 to be announced and most likely I’ll buy
    it because I’ve already sold my ipad 4 to a friend. The mini would even be
    fine «if they put the retina screen on it and upgrade the speed. Like they
    say, «once u bite off the apple u can never go back» u know who:)

  15. yati thant

    But thjs is kinnda….CRAZY

  16. yati thant

    I really hate people who say bad thing’s about the video’s!

  17. Shane Mc Brien

    Is Matt still making videos?

  18. bshlik00

    Review new versions of iOS when they come out ( iOS 7.0.3 when it comes out

  19. salvador calderon

    I don’t mind a bigger screen! Since now that I have a job i was planning to
    upgrade my iPhone 4G to the 5S but now a new iPhone 6 already?

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