iPad Airs and Mac Pros: Apple’s fall 2013 event recap17 комментариев


170 million iPads. Two new iPad models. 43 percent thinner. Four times the resolution. 64 percent running iOS 7. Free 10.9. Lots of numbers, lots of announce…

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17 комментариев

  1. Benjamin Solowiej


  2. dpcdpc11

    Wow… Tabs… Now that’s innovation! Dock on multiple displays… Wow now
    that’s innovations… and it’s free… Wow!

  3. Gabriel Fritz

    iPad air without there being another iPad? Like a pro or something? I just
    got used that they wouldn’t name their iPads iPad 3 and iPad 4 but 3rd
    generation and 4th generation and now it changed the numbering system
    again? Geez make up your mind…

  4. Jeremy Gallman

    Fabulously Expensive!

  5. Philip Kaludercic

    Adding a «Just» in front of the price doesn’t make it cheaper.

  6. magnus mathiassen

    I kinda miss steve jobs..

  7. Jake Moura

    8.1 is a free upgrade.

  8. Jonathan Cruz

    MyMo? I’ve always said MeMo. Shit.

  9. Omar Sherif

    I find Mac’s and PC’s equally good.

  10. Blackartme

    like you did :]

  11. Blackartme

    But Windows 8 isn’t

  12. jj sansano

    This is androids and microsofts oppurtunity to capitalize on Apple. So
    predictable. Thinner and faster blah blah blah….free upgraded Os on any
    new purchases? Thanks? Ive had my macbookpro for a year and I dont get an

  13. Luis Serrano

    The products are fabulous.

  14. Kayden Kellaway

    Mac sucks

  15. Nan N

    Very true, yet I have to add on that Microsoft is turning to an Apple-esque
    business model, so is Google, Amazon, etc. So when the time comes that
    if(ever) Microsoft starts selling good hardware and it actually SELLS more
    than a unit(lol, exaggeration, I know), they should offer free OS updates.

  16. dpcdpc11

    Not sure why people keep comparing microsoft’s Windows OS and Apple’s
    OSX… Microsoft doesn’t sell computers (except the Surface shit) while
    Apple does… Apple gets its main revenue from hardware (when it comes to
    the computer&OS combo) while Microcrap must sell their OS to make some
    freaking money… they are just two different business models so that’s why
    Apple should’ve always offered their OS upgrade for free! It’s the least
    they could give you for an overpriced piece of hardware!

  17. Apheechart Krop

    «They are fabulous.»

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