iPod Nano 6G games!

When is the ‘Best’ time to buy an Apple Product? http://TimetoBuyApple.com (a thelatestech website) This iPod according to apple has absolutely no games and …

[youtube kG1a4XEEBR4]

ipod 10

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  1. Milan Movies:

    YESS!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD SPIRIT!! (no idea what he said there…)

  2. Miss Molly Ozzy:

    I get this completely but how do you get the games?

  3. FoggedTears:

    That’s a game?? WTF? It’d help if you took the annoying letters off the screen, it blocks the view.

  4. Jan Klinkenberg:

    Sorry Dude, it’s for the Nike thing. But anyway, good video.
    Vote up!

  5. Đăng Tuấn Nguyễn:

    Fuk you. Where are games ?

  6. SD Street Dreams:

    wow best video ever bravoo bravoo

  7. kratos power:

    and the game? or are this fuck

  8. monk mito:

    I like how you think apple would tell you Wat there going to do next

  9. TheLatesTech:

    If you like this video! Be sure to check out my other content!

  10. jolted96chicken:

    I think the accelerometer is for the shake to shuffle feature, just saying.

  11. lilsv1234:

    I’m I the only one who still does understand how to get games off this video

  12. Samuel González:

    game? WTF? Are u serious? ¬¬

  13. Winmar Bonete:

    You sound a little like jb…

  14. Sam Price:

    its for the walk counter and shuffle

  15. Kyle Davis:

    …it’s for the «shake to shuffle» feature, b/c its an ipod, used to play music…

  16. Zachary Neal:

    The nano 2 g had a accelerometer