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When is the ‘Best’ time to buy an Apple Product? http://TimetoBuyApple.com (a thelatestech website) This iPod according to apple has absolutely no games and …

ipod 10

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16 комментариев

  1. Milan Movies

    YESS!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD SPIRIT!! (no idea what he said there…)

  2. Miss Molly Ozzy

    I get this completely but how do you get the games?

  3. FoggedTears

    That’s a game?? WTF? It’d help if you took the annoying letters off the screen, it blocks the view.

  4. Jan Klinkenberg

    Sorry Dude, it’s for the Nike thing. But anyway, good video.
    Vote up!

  5. Đăng Tuấn Nguyễn

    Fuk you. Where are games ?

  6. SD Street Dreams

    wow best video ever bravoo bravoo

  7. kratos power

    and the game? or are this fuck

  8. monk mito

    I like how you think apple would tell you Wat there going to do next

  9. TheLatesTech

    If you like this video! Be sure to check out my other content!

  10. jolted96chicken

    I think the accelerometer is for the shake to shuffle feature, just saying.

  11. lilsv1234

    I’m I the only one who still does understand how to get games off this video

  12. Samuel González

    game? WTF? Are u serious? ¬¬

  13. Winmar Bonete

    You sound a little like jb…

  14. Sam Price

    its for the walk counter and shuffle

  15. Kyle Davis

    …it’s for the «shake to shuffle» feature, b/c its an ipod, used to play music…

  16. Zachary Neal

    The nano 2 g had a accelerometer

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