Angry Birds Red’s Mighty Feathers All Levels 1 to 15 3 Star Walkthrough

3 Star Walkthrough Red’s Mighty Feathers All Levels 1 to 15 for 3 staring all Red’s Mighty Feathers. With the introduction of Egg Defender Mode, these might …

[youtube 4h-qbdKL0Mw]

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  1. Aaron Wes:

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  2. iDuckFilms:

    Dear god I hate these 15 levels. They should have been in a completely different game, Angry Birds was already quite difficult as is.



  4. Gabriel Capeles:

    like if red’s new abilities remind you of lazer bird from angry birds space

  5. Heather Herzog:

    oh ok but how do i defeat the pigs

  6. Doc Nathan:

    nobody say bad words

  7. Heather Herzog:

    oh i see bad piggies wheels uou gotta be fucking kidding

  8. Doc Nathan:

    Bad Piggies Vehicles

  9. Heather Herzog:

    its to shitty guy

  10. Heather Herzog:

    red mighty fucking feathers suck!!!!!! why did you do this to us rovio why?!?!?

  11. cyan eka ghaniy:


  12. Phat Ly:

    i hate level 15

  13. blaqpirate:

    Will still be stuck on level 13, but thanks for the preview of the difficulty for me lol.

  14. Patrick Oh:

    why cant you talk???

  15. nur shahida sheida:

    angry birds

  16. erwinjon7:

    Level 13, 3rd and 4th pig. Leave the debris from the machine and the rubbery platform will push the 4th pig’s machine and crash followed by the explosion.

  17. Edendoza:


  18. Perseo Tridé:

    youre a genius

  19. Alfierul01:

    Only 1 egg he got back

  20. ELKAHOY1: