iPad tutorial: How to Play the Smart Strings in Garageband | lynda.com

This GarageBand tutorial shows how to play the Smart Strings and add your own string section with iPad’s interactive touch screen. Watch more at http://www.l…

[youtube N4rmnHuFFf0]

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  1. Matt Koebel:

    Great video! Very simple and easy to understand.

  2. somerandomguy yah:

    Pretty awesome what multi touch instruments can do!!!!!!!

  3. Kian Villeno:


  4. john aquino:

    very fascinating! wow!

  5. dogoban gurin:

    very fast Grow Your iPad Skills here BESTIPADLESSONS.SITE88.NET

  6. Tubesurfer270:

    Thanks for this nice explanation 🙂

  7. Lucas Raiol:

    Smart strings was an amazing addition to this great app! I am a filmmaker and you got no idea of how writing music with smart strings got my sound designing parts much easier

  8. MrAndroid94:


  9. DjPyeProductions:

    nice !

  10. Narek Avetisyan:

    Incredible tool!