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This GarageBand tutorial shows how to play the Smart Strings and add your own string section with iPad’s interactive touch screen. Watch more at http://www.l…

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10 комментариев

  1. Matt Koebel

    Great video! Very simple and easy to understand.

  2. somerandomguy yah

    Pretty awesome what multi touch instruments can do!!!!!!!

  3. Kian Villeno


  4. john aquino

    very fascinating! wow!

  5. dogoban gurin

    very fast Grow Your iPad Skills here BESTIPADLESSONS.SITE88.NET

  6. Tubesurfer270

    Thanks for this nice explanation 🙂

  7. Lucas Raiol

    Smart strings was an amazing addition to this great app! I am a filmmaker and you got no idea of how writing music with smart strings got my sound designing parts much easier

  8. MrAndroid94


  9. DjPyeProductions

    nice !

  10. Narek Avetisyan

    Incredible tool!

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