Angry Birds 21-1 Bad Piggies 3 Star Walkthrough (Angry Birds Classic 21-1)13 комментариев


Angry Birds Bad Piggies Level 21-1 walkthrough tutorial showing you one way to get 3 stars (Angry Birds Classic / Original level 21-1). Visit http://www.Angr…

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13 комментариев

  1. Manish Sharma

    download latest cracked full version angry bird bad piggies for free from below link ….
    no survey…..

  2. Roberto Salvatierra

    shit i can’t do it

  3. _H_

    Works! :: /watch?v=QNfzILV-sLw

  4. _H_

    109350 :: 2 STARS ?? This Is During Too Lang !! What It Wil Be Next ??

  5. Mario Martinazzi

    after months I did it! in this way!

  6. kittycolourful

    i found the trick!! do the first shot as shown — just make sure you get rid of that whole tower. on the second shot get the bird right down the centre and expand it when it’s right at the bottom — both boxes will blow and you’ll get to about 85-90,000 points. and then use the first bomb to knock out the second tower and your good! i got 126, 350 🙂
    hope this helps!!

  7. Joe Silva

    This is one of those stages where it would be fun to have the designer play it do exactly what is done in this video, and every time that designer fails to get 3 stars, a fan gets to, I don’t know, punch him or something. Stages with a single solution that require luck? Epic f’ng fail.

  8. 19711cjm

    I’ve scored over 110,000 several times, and only getting two stars. Tried all the walkthrough scenarios with moderate success, but not yet three stars. Still working on it. Gotta keep plugging away.

  9. Volvo245GT

    115,850. Two birds left. If you’re using the PC version, having a mouse helps a lot. Surprisingly much better than using the trackpad or the screen on the ‘droid and iPhone versions.

  10. chocolatemonster07

    I do not understand this, i’ve got 107,640 points with two birds left and only 2 stars.

  11. Jaker5364

    Don’t worry if the first shot doesn’t work the same. Get the second shot right down in the middle gap. Then try about 50 times…

  12. Michael Chaney

    This level is unfortunately a luck-based level. You have to try it many times to get it. It’s unfortunate that about half the levels in the latest update are simply based on luck instead of skill.

  13. CRonaldo7Skilz

    Still impossible for me. Tried probably more than 200 hundred times, impossible. I tried with the thunder bonus things too.
    After 2 birds, everybody on youtube is over 75.000. I never passes 68.000.
    Once I did 110.700, I was sure to have 3 stars, and no, only too.
    Sick of that level. by Yahoo! Answers.