iPhone & iPad Live 287: Next iPhone, iPad mini, Draw Something, Angry Birds Space

Georgia, Seth, and Rene quickly cover the fallout of Chinese factory stories being faked, Apple’s cash balance announcement, and the week’s headlines, then d…

[youtube igQGw7KU5dA]

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комментария 3

  1. Kettel Shepherd:

    I bet all of you guys have an iPod Touch. iPhone and iPad….like idiots!!….I just think you Apple fanboys who fell for this shit who are just stupid for buying the small improvements that Apple is making every year… Apple could put a 3.6 inch screen on their iPhone 5 and that’s it…and you stupid people would buy it because it was the new iPhone….IDIOTS!!!

  2. saadakhan7:

    you guys should have threesome! .. just sayin’..

  3. ajayonline:

    I agree with Seth, going from my original iPad to the New iPad is a huge upgrade!… keep up the good work guys, love the show!