The Walking Dead Game Walkthrough — Part 4 — Episode 2 Starved For Help — Fixing The Fence9 комментариев


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9 комментариев

  1. matt heikkilä

    … first comment in 10 months? FIRST

  2. oONatetheGreatOo

    Yes, they are *cannibals.

  3. TheJcc1996

    i think theyre cannables

  4. Commandcenter35

    i love how both IFreeMz and nova think Dan looks gross xD

  5. Commandcenter35


  6. audreygirl876

    me too hmmm :

  7. audreygirl876


  8. Mr. Rampaging Robot

    The lady may be nice but I have seen too many scary movies to know where this is goin. She creeps me out and I am a little skeptical about her..

  9. Mr. Rampaging Robot

    *your but funny shit lolz by Yahoo! Answers.