iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 Leaked Photos in Gold Color22 комментария


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22 комментария

  1. Vitaliy Koserik

    Iam going to go with the iPad 5 cause I need a new iPad

  2. ranahadi999

    tablet summerSell initiated upad3.com

  3. Andrew Fourth

    Ipad mini 2 ipad 5 is to overwhelming with the prices

  4. Kevensito Bonilla

    You are wrong.the gold color is due to the new iPad mini which are the iPad mini S and C.its will have the fingerprint scanner and colors added but not sure about the iPad 5

  5. Cacti Gamez

    ok…i hate android but i have to say android phones and better than iphones but…ipads are wayyyy better than there products :/

  6. Ezekiel Robinson

    Anything from Android would be better than ipad

  7. Isak Forsdahl

    Ipad 5

  8. MojoProductionsTV

    I don’t think the iPad would have the fingerprint scanner because that’s like the thing that is separating the iPhones from the other devices


    Ipad mini 2!

  10. alex borchanu

    iPad 5 or mini the 32 gb

  11. K_Industries

    Probably neither, but between those 2, iPad 5

  12. jim mavros

    Ipad mini 2

  13. Logan Lorenz

    Was this recorded in mid-May?

  14. H-Pro Tech

    If its d retina display on d mini or else ipad 5

  15. Tomas Hendriks

    iPad 4S

  16. Damian Hoedeman

    Ipad 5

  17. iBlogTouch

    iPad 5!!!

  18. jake glaser

    Ipad mini 2!!!!

  19. Timothy McDaniel

    iPad 5 32gb hopefully

  20. TheTechyTuts

    ipad mini 2 if it has retina display

  21. wolfdread96

    ipad mini 2 fo sho

  22. sebmeza

    iPad mini 2 c:

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