things to do after you jailbreak your ipod touch or iphone9 комментариев


READ THIS** **YOU CANNOT FIND CYDIA IN THE APP STORE** A long video about things you can do with your iphone or ipod touch after you jailbreak it Sources: …

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9 комментариев

  1. hardstylejunky100

    if u have a iphone 3 g DONT JAILBREAK it makes the phone slow as thick shit

  2. Julio Castillo

    cuss i thought it was going 2 be good and nahh

  3. AshleyG5755

    @planetglazex  yes wnterboard

  4. Julio Castillo

    the best part was at 10:43 !!!!

  5. Karim Raad

    Most boring video i have ever seen

  6. l0lboy11

    How do you have ur ipod screen on your computer????????

  7. StrangthRaps

    its basiclly the app stores evil twin brother it supplys all the hacked apps and stuff

  8. AshleyG5755

    it is anapp but you have to jailbreak your ipod or iphone first

  9. Starrzful

    Is Cydia a app? or does it suppon to have for u? cuz i dun c it as a app n i dun have it by Yahoo! Answers.