things to do after you jailbreak your ipod touch or iphone

READ THIS** **YOU CANNOT FIND CYDIA IN THE APP STORE** A long video about things you can do with your iphone or ipod touch after you jailbreak it Sources: …

[youtube MDpQUQ9Hv4Q]

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  1. hardstylejunky100:

    if u have a iphone 3 g DONT JAILBREAK it makes the phone slow as thick shit

  2. Julio Castillo:

    cuss i thought it was going 2 be good and nahh

  3. AshleyG5755:

    @planetglazex  yes wnterboard

  4. Julio Castillo:

    the best part was at 10:43 !!!!

  5. Karim Raad:

    Most boring video i have ever seen

  6. l0lboy11:

    How do you have ur ipod screen on your computer????????

  7. StrangthRaps:

    its basiclly the app stores evil twin brother it supplys all the hacked apps and stuff

  8. AshleyG5755:

    it is anapp but you have to jailbreak your ipod or iphone first

  9. Starrzful:

    Is Cydia a app? or does it suppon to have for u? cuz i dun c it as a app n i dun have it