NO JAILBREAK: Enable Airplay on Mac. iPhone & iPad to Mac. AirServer- UPDATED iOS 615 комментариев


Tutorial on how to enable Airplay on Mac, with out Jailbreak. Able to Airplay Photos, Videos, Youtube Videos, and etc. Updated working. You can use any IOS device, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4/4s,…

ipad 5

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    how can you do it from mac to ipad/iphone?

  2. Domenic Marchione

    thank you for the video 

  3. Caleb Monk Gaming

    My screen won’t show up. I have windows 8

  4. Caleb Monk Gaming

    Double tap when on the lock screen  it should appear.

  5. Chall boy

    too laggy

  6. Naxabarvar Haa

    And no airplay on iOS 6 and iPhone 4

  7. Oxims

    No airplay on iOS 7 , iPhone 4.

  8. Applehows

    im not to sure why that is, but where is the video from ? (safari, youtube app, etc).

  9. Jeffrey Ravbar

    i only can hear the sound… not the video…? help plz

  10. CREESE93

    When I swipe to the left twice on my iphone the symbol u pressed doesnt appear on my iphone?

  11. John H

    not true the problem is you have to turn it off and on

  12. John H

    no turn ur phone off and on

  13. John H

    *everyone with the multi task bar problem where it dosnt show near the volume* turn your phone off and on and boom it will be there

  14. TheBananaBoy

    i dont have the icon on iPhone 4

  15. Peder Haugan

    When connecting an iPhone 5 you need to dooble click the home butten and swipe over twice and then it will show it… by Yahoo! Answers.