Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5 Drop Test13 комментариев


Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5 Drop Test Buy the Samsung Galaxy S4: Subscribe for more Galaxy goodness: Samsung’…

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13 комментариев

  1. Kristian Zibid

    my iphone 5

  2. Kristian Zibid

    hahahah so fake i dropt mine by mistake from pocket high and the hole screen got crust

  3. Krit Pituckrachai

    iPhone 5 is stronger that galaxy s4

  4. Mishfura

    Dat crunch doe

  5. DjGamerJordz

    Why wouldn’t you buy s4 cuz realistically u won’t drop it from 7 feet

  6. Carolina Lopez Leyva

    I still wanted the galaxy s4 more than the iphone 5

  7. Cody Kight

    Now I see why I stick with Apple…. Good build quality, aluminum will always beat plastic!! 😀

  8. Dylan Perez

    skip then, you know the slider on the bottom?

  9. The Ultimate Tech Channel

    @bamaboy0020 BEACUSE he can dick head!

  10. bamaboy0020

    Why is he wearing a jacket with shorts?

  11. OnceADayGaming


  12. OnceADayGaming

    No, no, no. iPhone 4evah. Best. Unmatched. But, I guess, h8ers gunna h8

  13. Alexander Wood

    DO NOT BUY THE IPHONI HAVE A 5 I HATE IT by Yahoo! Answers.