Apple iPad Keynote January 2010 — Part 5

Part #5 of the keynote where Steve Jobs introduced the new Apple iPad.

[youtube OZRZyawdPSE]

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  1. TheSirSadler:

    They meant to say iPhone at 0:59…

  2. Jonathan Wetmore:

    3:44 Totoro?

  3. chakracannon97:

    5:02 i thought i saw bill gates… LOL.

  4. Brenda Usberti:


  5. shiraheesh:

    One review says cooltechgadgets . info that Ipad is the latest phenomenon especially for people who are very much into gadgets. You have to know your gadgets to get ahead and maybe Get one without hassle!

  6. Farbog:

    I have also a very great reading experience with my computer.

  7. Erulezz92:

    Please check my profile for the other parts. I will create a playlist later.

  8. soupisgoodfood42:

    Where is part 6? Why can’t YouTube keep track of all these parts?