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The iPad Mini was just announced by Apple learn all of the specs and everything you need to know in this simple video explaining the features. More in depth …

ipad mini

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7 комментариев

  1. McMafia2092

    how much bigger is it than an ipoid??

  2. Randell Hyatt

    i want one

  3. Mattmanutube

    I don’t think it is going to sell well at all. Anyone with a Retina screen device is not going to want a lesser display. Plus all the folks that just bought the Ipad 3 now are pissed about the 4th generation IPad being released. So Apple can forget about these potential customers.

    Google Nexus announcements coming next week …. and I bet there will be Retina like displays on all their new devices. My Nexus 7 tablet, now is almost as good as the Retina.


  4. Jason Perez

    Can’t wait until I can order one!!!!

  5. Jay Higgins

    is it me or is and i pad just a bigger iphone/ipod 

  6. athlete1011

    The iPad mini was what I expected in terms of specs but the price just killed it I was expecting apple to make the price comparable to the kindle fire but for 330 not worth it, and I really don’t mind the upgrade for an iPad 4th gen mostly cause I have an iPad 2 but I understand how people who just bought the 3rd gen iPad feel

  7. WebTechGeniuSs101

    Hey I just watch the even when it comes to this apple event the only thing that caught my eye was the macbook pro 13inch retina, and the iMac 27inch. I want to get it but something is telling me wait one more year.

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