Iphone 4G features

iPhone 4G’s design is unique and brand new, compared to iPhone, iPhone 3G and 3GS. The thinnest iPhone ever! It’s also made of stainless steel! The glass is …

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iphone 6

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  1. mcel89ify:

    Test and keep an iPhone 4s for free at fresh-phones(dot)com

  2. Hollyweed:

    If only Apple had more open OS.

  3. Hollyweed:

    Scott Forstall is so often ‘blown away’ that now he cant find himself.

  4. Brian Malone:

    @ZippoReviews96 its not 580 euro!!!

  5. Douglas Trigueros:

    Is That The Song: Secrets By One Republic? Lol

  6. xXRequiremXx:

    whats the cheapest i can get a new iphone 4 32gb and where? i know apple sells it for $299

  7. jason borne:

    Seems like iPhone haters making more comments then lovers… Did you know why?? As an iPhone4 owner we do not need to justify how good our phones are over yours. Bottom line, you and us know iPhones are way better. Just because you made a mistake and got your cocky self an LG or android shit box, dont be a sore looser. Atleast my iPhone never crashes while surfing ;)) good luck to all none wanna be iPhone users. Your all doomed!!

  8. lofasztaseggedbe:

    its not revolutionary . its just puts old tehcnologies to a dveice you want to use for voice calls

  9. colashanacogh:

    can you create playlists in the music player?

  10. HonestMagnet:

    i fucking hate the apple marketing policy…as if people really need them…fuck you APPLE, YOU need the people .

  11. DeKarle1992:

    Now it’s the best phone in the world and none of those Samsung, LG or HTC fanboys can pretend to have a better phone… damn!

  12. paulsfon:

    i agree

  13. paulsfon:

    my i8910 has all this and a lot more. catch up apple.

  14. CuppidzShuffle:

    i want this phone sooooooooooooooooo bad . && im hoping to get it soon ! is it true that if yu drop it , the phone will SHATTER?