Qik on iPhone 3GS without Jailbreak — Shot with iPhone and an OWLE BUBO

Learn More About Owle Here: http://www.wantOWLE.com Qik Running on The New iPhone 3GS. We just got our Ad Hoc version from Qik and had to share. Why are we s…

[youtube UdTsNQ0ZaM0]

iphone 6

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    umm yea ik its 2009 but i dont have tht acessory n where do i get it

  2. kewnewyork:

    Looks like a good think to have…….

  3. tybomber4:

    I thought the exact same thing!

  4. Dainelli100:

    hello hello internet nerds

  5. TheAngelofvengance:

    @MegaSkillz101 Lol so is Obama

  6. MegaSkillz101:

    he’s white

  7. MegaSkillz101:

    he’s white

  8. aaronharris212:

    nice clip thanks for sharing i enjoyed it =)

  9. falastiniiiana:

    @RTX94 : when you dó it, it says thank you satan.. Weird bur true :s

  10. bparrants:


  11. Cecilia Serafica:

    too bad the iphone 4 came out lol

  12. HX422:

    Hey my name is Harold too!

  13. João Jóia Paulo:

    he is a white version of obama
    fuck yeah!