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Ask the Buffalo: iPad Mini vs. Nexus 7, iPhone 5, and More Try Netflix free for 30 days: http://www.netflix.com/buffalo Jon R is back to tackle more question…

ipad 5

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14 комментариев

  1. Chase Dodge

    I have a iphone 5 what large tablet should I get under 400$

  2. awesome12214

    What phone should I get galaxy s4 galaxy s3 galaxy note 2 or iphone 5

  3. nic ed

    nexus 7, the only thing the ipad has that it doesn’t is a rear facing camera

  4. Kiko Yoyo

    Hey johney i just wanna ask u i if i should buy the nexus 7 or the ipad mini

  5. plpaulleeusa

    IPAD MINI!!!!

  6. John Paul

    Get iPhone 5 for free for a limited period. Check out @ tinyurl(.)com/getip5

  7. TheCIScommander

    There are no pink iPads, end of story

  8. Sirasit Witchayapaisitsakul

    If u thumbs up me and press shift the fantastic things will happen on your channel.

  9. kharlevernon

    You have all the ipads and iphones huh.. Well i have all of their products at the highest prices.. Your so cheap!

  10. Iakov Sibgatullin

    I have all the ipads and all the iphones

  11. Shiran Perera

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  12. Maurice Kuroczik

    Ipad mini

  13. agungbp1

    Ipad Mini!!!

  14. gogeta12456

    nexus 7

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