Grand Theft Auto 5 Playthrough w/ Kootra Ep. 22 — Redneck Rampage24 комментария


GTA V Playlist: And so it begins, another series that just so happens to be in one of…

Grand Theft Auto Cheats

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24 комментария

  1. MrRamram720

    well what else could he be with that name

  2. iTzKane1

    The retard named MegaPhazor.

  3. MrRamram720

    alright what fucking retarded lobotomite marked this as spam?

  4. wafflemale

    Doesn’t matter, even though it cost $200+ million they made the money back from preorders alone.
    Not that I would be able to run this IF I pirated it anyways

  5. Jesus Cheng

    Are you kidding me? Are you really one of those people who think PC gamers only pirate games and destroy the industry?

  6. MrCatopill

    Lol jk

  7. MrCatopill

    Bitch I’m redneck

  8. Michael Colleran

    They sold over a billions worth, I don’t think they care anymore.

  9. Christostiphor

    Dude Michael or Trevor agh idk

  10. CreasingTable

    It’s just you.

  11. Kevin Fernando

    Is is it just me or are there two episode 22s?

  12. Ovidijus Galinskas

    noooooooooooo johhny 🙁

  13. Lada1208

    you should learn to read moron

  14. LatestGame

    Im doing a GTA V giveaway on my channel 🙂 Check it out please, it would mean the world

  15. CreasingTable

    He never said he wanted to pirate it, man.

  16. Truttix

    you are stupid

  17. YogDodoth

    white trash… a way of life

  18. gamerWOLF39

    i have 1 of those u calling me a redneck

  19. jonny thebest

    kootra you have to take cover you just cant go in the middle of the road if you do you will die more easyliy plzzzz follow what i said

  20. BrickFilmsCinema

    lmfao all over a sip of beer xD

  21. Eric Kwon

    Nice shot

  22. Ryan Hicks

    heyy when he said hicks i took thhat offenseive

  23. EliteMonkey197

    Trevor has 101,000 an lives in a trailer???

  24. Frank Lake

    *lolz by Yahoo! Answers.