Grand Theft Auto V — E09 — My Cheating Wife (GTAV)

GTA games have always been something I have played, I don’t even know the hours on my PSP alone that I have put into GTA. I am really looking forward to goin…

[youtube -DQcK7AZttk]

Grand Theft Auto Cheats

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментариев 19

  1. alex androutsos:

    guude change your recording settings im stuck at 360p

  2. Devon Minerim:

    Car crash logic…

  3. Ryan Schultz:

    i would watch golf if it was you guudeboulderfist

  4. timothy beuscher:

    8:32 guude, the blurr is a little bit of, just sayin 😀

  5. Ethan Tsui:

    14:00 tropic thunder referance, haha

  6. Sam Runkel:

    Oh the irony in the 1st 4 and a 1/2 min. Of the video

  7. Stedman Gyamfidarkwah:

    Guude i can still see what happening in the blur scene.

  8. Demented Reign:

    lol, the truck can tear down a house but cant go up a hill!

  9. Ch4nGo27:


  10. hanglace17:


  11. hanglace17:


  12. hanglace17:

    Where are u right now dani

  13. 1490bw32111:

    who cares if hes bad it’s funny to watch right.

  14. Sean Miller:

    Did i hear a tropic thunder reference in their ? I love it!

  15. 482shadowblade:

    Pimppindogg666, fuck off bitch guudes good at this game so fuck off bitch

  16. dartacao:

    lol, Beverly’s licence plate is P4P4R4Z0 😀

  17. pimpindogg666:

    Guude you’re so god damn bad at this game.

  18. Robotuba:

    I would watch golf, but not other sports.

  19. MR5P1K3:

    Better to be safe than sorry 🙂 We want you to stick around