2013 Google Nexus 7 (2nd Gen) Vs. iPad mini: Hardware Comparison

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ipad 7

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  1. kosar mustafa:

    Google put the buttons on the bevel , stop killing the screen with that buttons its only 7inch for god sake i think i would look much better if the buttons were not on the screen , still nexus is a nice looking thing also for the price u pay , u wont go wrong

  2. Oscar Tovar:

    mmmmm Ok, I need to change my nexus 2012 for this XD

  3. BioProdigy2013:

    The screen is way better on the nexus 7 but I still love the app store and itunes .

  4. SAIKAZU007:


  5. James Medlin:

    This is so hard to choose

  6. Fuck you Google quit asking me about using my real name:

    Got the new Nexus 7 and if perfection doesn’t exist it’s pretty close… build quality’s almost perfect. It would be the perfect tablet if it had :

    — A snapdragon 800
    — Slightly slimmer top and bottom bezels. Big bezels make sense, they make the tablet very comfortable to hold both in portrait and landscape but they could still shave a few millimeters off imho.

  7. AlanS181824:

    I thought the apple logo was red lol

  8. Camille Carlos:

    I have the ipad mini

  9. nortexoid:

    Tough sell for the iPad mini, if you ask me. $100 more, considerably worse hardware, the propriety of Apple (proprietary connectors, cables, etc.), restricted ecosystem (can you download torrents on iOS?)…and the list goes on.

  10. Rejaul Hasan:

    does it support mini/micro SIM?

  11. Alberto Ch:

    I’ll be waiting the release with Anxieties. Thank you for your response

  12. RazorGenesis7:

    currently, google is still developing the 2nd gen nexus 7 with wifi+cellular

  13. Brandon Wright:

    You aren’t loosing any screen room with having the on-screen buttons on the Nexus 7. That is why the resolution is slightly higher than what it normally would be. The resolution is higher to accompany the on-screen buttons.

  14. Alberto Ch:

    I have a question, this 2nd generation nexus can make calls?

  15. Charlie Du Rose:


  16. Steve Hoge:

    Was hoping to get an eval of the weight and handling differences. Does the Nexus 7 ignore hand grips that overlap the screen like the iPad does?

  17. honeypooify:


  18. fadhlan rahim:

    really? this rundown is really necesary? you really need people to tell you that 1.5ghz quadcore is better than 1ghz dualcore?

  19. solonen:

    Bought case for my future N7 from amazon, 0.99$ for case (search «moko nexus 7 case fhd» from amazon.com), current price is 2.99$. That seemed to be very nice case, and extremely cheap with wake functionality 🙂

  20. XXfearciousXX:

    Nexus 7 cuz of screen

  21. ravi teja:

    nice comparision bur apple i pad mini is my favourite please compare hd graphic rich gaming between both the devices