Hi guys!!! Thanx for watching!!!! Pls comment and subscribe!! Xoxoooo Becky.

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  1. ShopaholicBecky83:

    You made the right choice, the Cles is a perfect bag charm and i always use them on my LV bags 😉

  2. Helene Peloquin:

    Congrats on your new LV pieces. I just bought the Clé in mono last wk to use as bag charm for my Delightful 🙂

  3. ShopaholicBecky83:

    Thank you so much my dear!!!;)

  4. ddgladiva:

    Such a great haul. I love everything you bought

  5. ShopaholicBecky83:

    Thank you very much!!!! Xoxo;)))

  6. mary draper:

    Great haul!

  7. ShopaholicBecky83:

    Thank you MsBlueMaude!!!! I’m really living the Emilie, i’ll surely buy it also in monogram because it’s compact, thin, classy and feminine! Thanks so much for watching!!! Xoxo 😉

  8. ShopaholicBecky83:

    Yeah the Emilie is really amazing, the perfect wallet… i absolutely want it also in momogram with green interior! Lovely! And i nave to say that iPad mini is a real addiction, i read magazines, books, listen to music all in one compact piece… amazing!!!! Xoxo 😉

  9. ShopaholicBecky83:

    Thank you very much Malena!! Glad to share my stuff with all of u lovely guys!!!! Xoxo;))

  10. ShopaholicBecky83:

    Hi lovely!!! Thanx so much i love it too, it is a great little magical item, i always bring it in my purse! Xoxo ;)))

  11. ShopaholicBecky83:

    Thank you very much sweetie!!! Glad u liked it!!! ;))) xoxo

  12. ShopaholicBecky83:

    Sistaaaa i’m a bad girl! I spend and spend and spend!! Ahahah! I miss so much your vids! And i’d love if u make some vlog on your holiday!!!!xoxo ;)))

  13. ShopaholicBecky83:

    Thank u very much ;)))))

  14. ShopaholicBecky83:

    Ciao bella!!;))) si l’ipad mini lo sto amando tantissimo, e iTunes è una tentazione continua!!!! Il blush che indosso è il Bella Bamba di Benefit, te lo consiglio è un bel rosa leggermente shimmer molto naturale! Anche tu hai provato i lip pen di Collistar? Sono fantastici hai visto che colori favolosi?? E anche il lip gloss di Loreal mi piace moltissimo, da quando l’ho visto nel tuo video sono andata subito a comprarlo ahahah! Baci;))))

  15. MsBlueMaude:

    Nice haul! I have the same wallet, same print, love it! Let us know how u end up liking it 😉 thanks for sharing !

  16. ShopaholicBecky83:

    Awwww thank u so much!!! And thanx for watching! Xoxo;)

  17. emanuelgo55:

    You are gorgeous 🙂 loved your haul!

  18. NastasiaM53:

    Juhuuu, ti sei presa anche il lipgloss di Loreal, troppo bella Xoxo :))

  19. NastasiaM53:

    Ho gli stessi lipstic/lip-pen haha :)))

  20. NastasiaM53:

    Juhuuuu finalmente un nuovo video :))))) ho anch’io l’iPad mini e lo adoro!!!!! Hai acquistato bellissime cose, complimento. Mi piace il tuo blush che hai adosso…

  21. Ros Ina:

    Love your haul!!!!

  22. MissExpensivePink:

    Great haul sista!!!!!! Omg I love EVERYTHING you got!!!!!!!!! xoxo, Lara.

  23. Whatuseeiswhatuget43:

    Great video my lovey x

  24. MSpanders10:

    Love your haul, congratulation on your ipad mini.